Conklin® MR System for Metal Roofs

The Conklin MR System for Metal Roofs is designed specifically with metal roofs in mind. It prevents leaks at the seams, where most leaks occur on metal roofs, and it is able to overcome metal design flaws. This product extends the life of your roof while helping you save money and energy with its highly reflective finish. The best thing about the MR System is that it provides long-term performance at a fraction of the cost of a new metal roof replacement. The Conklin® MR System for Metal Roofs is a seamless roofing system.

Metal Roof System Application

Power washing

1. Power wash and clean with Rust-Off®.

Priming with Conklin Encase® Metal Primer

2. Prime with Conklin Encase® Metal Primer.

men using Kwik Kaulk fastener heads

3. Kwik Kaulk® all fastener heads.

Reinforcing existing seams with Spunflex

4. Reinforce existing seams with Spunflex® or Butyl Tape and base coat.

Sealing roof with approved acrylic coatings

5. Seal entire roof with one of our approved acrylic coatings: PUMA® XL, Benchmark®, Rapid Roof® III, Rapid Roof® HV

Completed commercial roof project

6. Completed project.