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Newly refinished commercial roof

Annual Roof Maintenance Program

When it comes to the state of your roof, ignorance is not bliss. Diagnosing roof problems early can be the difference between a small repair and a total roof replacement, which is why many major issues can be prevented with simple, routine maintenance.

You don’t have to know everything about your roof to catch problems early. With maintenance program, you’ll have experts inspecting and maintaining your roof each year. This prevents common issues before they start and gives your roof the long life it deserves.

Here's what's included:
  • Annual roof inspection of your commercial roof
  • Clearing roof of loose debris (includes blowing/cleaning areas where dirt and dust accumulate)
  • Drain inspection and cleaning of loose debris and re-securing drain fasteners as needed (Note: power washing not included)
  • Inspection of flashings at penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights, walls, scuppers, etc.
  • Inspection and cleaning of gutters and downspouts, not to exceed 3 hours
  • A report of what was repaired with before/after pictures
  • A roof map of which roofs will be inspected
Newly refinished commercial roof

Avoid Costly Roof Damage

Are you concerned about the wear and tear on your roof, yet also worried about the time and cost of a roof replacement? Not all roof issues need to lead to a total replacement. Let us ease your worries and determine how your damaged roof can be restored and improved by our craftsmen.

How do I know if my roof needs repair?

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Don't let roof damage get out of control

commercial built-up roof

Built-Up Roofs »

Some of the most frequent issues with built-up roofs are cracks in the material and damage to flashing and caps. Conklin® Fabric-Reinforced, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and Single-Ply Membrane Systems are used to treat this.

newly refinished epdm commercial roof

EPDM Roofs »

A common problem with EPDM roofs is loosening seams, which lead to water damage. We apply a system that provides the benefits of reflectivity and waterproofing without removing the existing membrane.

newly refinished commercial metal roof

Metal Roofs »

Seams and loose fasteners are a weakness of metal roofs. The Conklin® MR System for Metal Roofs is designed specifically with metal roofs in mind.

commercial tar roof

Tar or Gravel Roofs »

Commonly referred to as "modified bitumen," these roofs can crack and pull apart over time, causing water damage. We fix this easily with our waterproofing systems.